Getting to Know Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruit lead and is based in New York, New York. She has worked for many companies, but she is currently plying her trade with Deutsche Bank in New York. Among the things she loves are food, technology as well as art. She has a special place for photography and running to keep fit. She is a graduate of City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she specialized in philosophy. She is also a graduate of the New York Law School. Other than work, Julie Zuckerberg loves volunteering and working for good causes to change the world. Some of the causes that she has been involved with include the animal welfare, arts, and culture as well as civil rights and social action. Other causes that she has actively participated in include human rights, science and technology and finally economic empowerment.


Her experience means that she get to work for the best companies in the world. She has managed to specialize in the insurance and the financial industries. She began her journey at the Hudson where she was acting as the director of candidate placement. She worked with this company for five years. Some of her tasks here included recruiting new attorneys, case managers as well as paralegals. She was also in charge of notifying the new employees of the benefits that they get to enjoy while working for the Hudson. It was also her responsibility to tell them about the working conditions, opportunities within the organization and solve problems that arose within the workplace. She has experience in other fields such as conflict resolution, coaching of employees and employee counseling.


She then moved to the Citi Company where she served as the vice president and executive recruiter. She worked for this company for two years where she gained a lot of experience. As an executive recruiter, her responsibilities included doing recruitment for the company, advising top management on the recruiting services that they would implement. She was also in charge of negotiating with the company on high profile jobs and talent recruitment for the company. She would also counsel hiring recruiters on the recruiting methods that they would use. Some of the methods that she proposed t they included direct sourcing, internet search, employee referrals as well as social media methods.


In the year 2013, she changed places of work and decided to move to the New York Life Insurance Company where she functioned as the experienced hire recruiting lead and as the corporate vice president. At this position, her responsibilities were to offer full life-cycle recruiting, offer development as well as execution. She was also in charge of talent strategy planning within the organization. She also managed the recruiting process including the one of the outsourcing team. She then proceeded to the Deutsche Bank where she serves as the executive talent acquisition lead. Her main responsibilities here include advising the leaderships on issues related to hiring governance as well as the recruiting practices to be used. She has been with the organization for one and eight months now.