Kevin Seawright is Bringing Stability Back to Baltimore

Kevin Seawright recently appeared on the Larry Young Morning Show to announce that he and RPS Solutions LLC are starting a join initiative to begin building new homes in Baltimore. While the United States economy has been steadily recovering since the 2008 financial crisis, home ownership has continued to be a major issue that hasn’t quite fixed itself yet. In an effort to address the issue and provide people with an affordable alternative to traditional real estate markets, Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC have begun working on a housing model that is significantly cheaper.

While providing people with new housing options is certainly admirable on its own, there is an additional benefit that Kevin Seawright hopes these homes will address: stability. Explaining himself on the Larry Young Morning Show, Seawright said that he believed affordable housing would provide stability to neighborhoods that have been beset by a number of issues over the past several years.

According to CrunchBase, Kevin Seawright is the founder of RPS Solutions LLC and has lived in Baltimore, Maryland as a project management professional. As a part of his career, Kevin Seawright has worked in a number of different sectors across many cities in the United States. Of course, his passion has always been and will always be Baltimore.

It is because of this wide array of experience that Kevin Seawright is able to pinpoint exactly what needs to change for a community to achieve stability. After working for over 13 years in both the commercial and government sectors, Kevin Seawright understands the specifics of proper project integration and development and is an incredibly useful resource for building projects in the Baltimore area. By working with RPS Solutions LLC, it’s clear that this partnership will have a tremendous impact on Baltimore’s neighborhoods.

The DeVos Family is Very Generous for a Reason

There is a reason why the DeVos family is very generous with their donations. Whatever the reason is, I appreciate people that are always so giving with what they have. I understand that people who give are giving with a purpose. They want to see a certain outcome and some results so that they can know that they have given to the right cause. With the amount of giving that the DeVos family participates in, they have earned a lot of social clout in their home of West Michigan. They are very passionate about sharing their money with organizations that are working to bring forth positive changes.

Dick DeVos and his family seeks to influence people not with the luxuries that they own, but with everything they give, They have actually given a total of $1.2 billion in their lifetime. While the amount given is impressive, I do believe that it is the fact that they are willing to give that is even more impressive.  They definitely provide a good example of what it means to be generous.

The generosity of the DeVos family is what takes them very far in their careers in my opinion. They have ran plenty of different organizations and owned plenty of franchises. They come from a family of businessmen and entrepreneurs. Dick DeVos himself has branched out into other ventures which included political activities in which he ran for office. He and his wife run a charity organization in which they accept donations and provide funds for faith based organizations. For one thing, their faith has brought out compassion in them and has inspired them to be generous.