Thor Halvorssen is Becoming the New Face of Human Rights Activism

Thor Halvorssen, leader and founder of the Human Rights Foundation has a simple and clear message for any tyranical world leaders. He is coming to stop them and nothing is going to get in his way. This kind of statement seems bold, but it does not come from arrogance. Instead, Thor Halvorssen has worked tirelessly to ensure that he acomplishes mission.

In addition to being the leader of the Human Rights Foundation, an organizaion that he has used to crusade for the end of tyranical dictatorships on all sides of the political spectrum, Halvorssen also moonlights as a filmmaker. This has given him access to arenas he would not normally have and has helped him to expose human rights violations and offer solutions to a wider audience.

But Halvossen is not simply a rich white man with an agenda and a camera. He has a passion for protectign the human rights of others that can not be stopped. Fueled by the injustices that Halvorsson and his family experienced under the tyrannical government in Venezula, he is awake and ready to fight. His father was arrested and put in prison for his political beliefs, and his mother was shot during a protest of his treatment. They and the millions of other like them are his inspiration for his fight. Click here to know more.

He keeps only a staff of twelve, but they are all heavy hitters, including Gary Kasparaov, the Russian Chess champion turned human rights activist, who is the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation. Kasparov is a valuable asset to the organizaion and has gained his fair share of battle scars, including those gained when he was punched and carried off by the police during a protest. Kasparov was protesting the arrest of Pussy Riot, the band that was notoriously imprisioned for singing an anti-Putin song.

Halvorssen and the Human Rights foundation have proven that they are not to be ignored. This is especilly important at they go after their next target, notorious tyranical dictator of Korea, Kim Jong-un. They have already helped North Korean defectors by providing them with the tool to get their stories out.

Thor Havlorssen and the Human Rights Foundation

They say that all it takes for a person to become different is one traumatizing event in their life. Well, for Thor Havlorssen, a few events came together and shaped his path towards becoming the activist that he is for human rights. Thor is Venezuelan and Norwegian, he claims that he is a child of two nations but he loves the entire humanity. His father is the one that was of Norwegian descent while his mother was from Venezuela.

When he was a young boy, Mr Thor watched his father protesting about the plunder that was taking place at the Mendela Castle. He was arrested by the government and mistreated grossly. Then, even before the emotional wounds left by this event had healed, his mother was shot while taking part in peaceful demonstrations against the government of the place. What irked him most about the case was the fact that his mother and fellow protestors had not been breaking the law in any way, yet when the known shooters were arrested and charged in a court of law, they were sentenced to serve three years, of which they only did six months.

These are the events that made him realize that a lot was going wrong in the realm of social justice. He started his activism when he was young. He established his NGO, the Human Rights Foundation to deal with some of the serious cases of human rights violations. The annual event that is held by hi group is so massive that people call it the Davos Conference of human rights. He has gotten in trouble many times with the law and other groups for his efforts. For instance, there was a time he narrowly escaped arrest from Vietnam. He had gone to the cells to talk to victims of human rights violations. The situation was so bad that his camera man had to hide the footage of the entire ordeal in his person. Click here to know more.

Thor says that he is not a person that respects race or imagine that some are better than others. He claims that as long as a person is fighting the same course as he, he respects them.