Michael Zomber Has Led an Interesting Life

Michael Zomber can definitely not be accused of leading a boring life. He has been able to accomplish a lot after starting with nothing. He is a person who has been able to achieve his dreams by living life on his own terms. This has made him an inspiration to countless people. He has also become a very generous person. He loves to give back and help people who are less fortunate than he is. Zomber regularly donates money to a wide variety of charitable causes that he believes in. He is constantly looking for worthy causes to contribute to.

One of the first things that Zomber did after finishing college was to write a screenplay for a documentary about samurais. He had always been very interested in this subject and found the project to be very rewarding overall. He immersed himself into the world of a samurai during the entire production. He found that he had a much better understanding for the difficult lives that these men led after the film was created. The film was released and achieved a fair amount of success. There were many positive reviews written about it. He briefly contemplated doing a second documentary on the same subject. However, he ultimately decided that he would not be able to improve on the first one that he did.

Making the samurai documentary also made Zomber want to explore other aspects of their history. He started to collect the swords that they used. He amassed quite a few of them over the years. Various Japanese historical museums have asked Michael Zomber to display some of his samurai sword collection. He has agreed to do this on several occasions. He wants other people to enjoy his collection just as much as he does. He has even agreed to give lectures and answer questions about the swords. He gives these lectures at museums and colleges. He discovered that many people have the same passion for samurai history and culture that he does. This has made many people interested in following his career and watching the documentary that he wrote and produced.