OSI Group Going Global

OSI Group is the leading global supplier of value-added food products to the world food retail brands. With its broad operational base since its inception, OSI has become one of the largest privately owned companies in the United States and paving its way to the United Kingdom. Their food safety and assurance policy has made the company go global serving more than 15 countries. OSI Group adds value to food products and then supplies it to different parts of the world. Other than this, OSI Group has a global food supply chain management enabling clients to serve their customers efficiently from any corner of the world.

In recognition of their commendable job, OSI Group won the Globe of Honour awarded by the British Safety Council. The Award which was presented at a luncheon at Drapers Hall in London requires a company to depict a high level of environmental management from the walls, floors, and even in the facilities used. OSI Group satisfied the panel with their recommendable audit scheme that shown how the Group had been able to maintain excellent environmental conditions on in the workspace making it among other 18 companies worldwide that received the award.

OSI Group has been in operation for more than 100 years with each year bringing more success to the enterprise. OSI Group has the highest number of hires each year with a total number of 20,000 employees with the best working conditions that allow individuals to bring out their innovations in the production of quality and suitable food products. With the current number of staff and quality products, OSI Group ensures support to their clients’ global operations with responsiveness and consistency that would put them on the top list of their customers.

Recently, OSI group has acquired flagship Europe on LinkedIn, a national food service product supplier around U.K. Flagship Europe deals with frozen poultry, mayonnaise, Oliver James pies, sous vide equipment and sauce supplies. The Flagship Europe manager termed the acquisition as a great move which will bring more resource and experience which will in return make the company go global and attain new clients thanks to OSI Group.

Earlier, OSI group had settled another acquisition deal with former Tyson food plant in Chicago. OSI group offered $7.4 million to the management in return for the plant which OSI Group promised to reconstruct and remold it in alignment to the set international standards of a food processing facility.

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