The Highland And A World Of Capital

Capital management is an intricate science where the best of the financial world are active and engaged. Negotiations can be brutal, but the rewards are worth the time. This is why firms like Highland Capital exist and thrive. The firm got its start back in 1990 where it began making a great name for itself.


Doing that was possible because of the firm’s location among other things. The entire world, for example, can benefit from financial management whether a large business entity or individual investor. When you consider cities like Dallas, Texas, it becomes clear that major hubs of commerce also have major sums of money.


Something must be done with that money, and something will be done with it. Among the investment actions to take, entities who hold large sums of cash and in any given city can get involved with an investment banking firm like Highland Capital.


Though the firm got its start in Texas, its success there enables more growth.


Highland Capital Management is now operating out of New York City. But it’s not just a reputable name that allows this bank its current business platform. Highland Capital is known for credit managers and even a successful venture which offers Protective Life Insurance. Let’s not forget about the firm’s founders.


Highland Capital Management began with the help, creation and aide of both Mark Okada and James Dondero. The team has since led this group into expansive markets and more money then the two likely expected at the onset. Other services the agency offers include secure bank loans that most firms are unable to provide.


These unique services, in whole, give Highland Capital a competitive edge that the financial world has yet to see in another organization. The agency’s list of products don’t end there. The firm now focuses on expansion and by entering an international market.


From Singapore to Seoul, Highland Capital Management operates with a certain ambition that’s sure to make its organization thrive. There is currently over $14 billion in assets that are managed by the firm, and that number rises yearly.