Lori Senecal’s Interview With Insprery

Lori Senecal is one of the best people in the world of marketing and advertising. Her skill set throughout the world of innovative marketing has made her a credible source worldwide for her knowledge that is rooted as to where she is today in her work. She is the current Global Executive Chairman of the CP + B Corporation. In a recent interview she gave with Inspirery, she gives an in-depth look on her life and what inspired her to get into this.

She said that she developed a genuine interest in the world of business during her high school years. Because of her tall height, she decided to coach as a gymnast instead of compete. Through her intense coaching, she developed the right traits as a leader to get into business. She discovered that she learned how to speak and communicate with the gymnasts that she would train, and that is what helped move her forward. It’s a skill she uses every day.

She briefly spoke about how it’s not an overnight process to succeed, and that there is a time growth needed to be profitable in advertising. She said that it’s important to first land a client that is actually worth advertising and promoting. She built the brand, KBS, all because she wanted to profit from it, build successful marketing campaigns, and provide actual marketing for clients.

In an article on Huffingtonpost, one tip that she gave away that you could use in your own business is to understand your client. Aside from getting referrals as her clients, she finds that the best way to land a client is to research and know everything about the potential client. It’s about understanding their current struggles and where they are in business to determine how fay they can go. You can use this trick in the world of any business before you decide to work with a specific company.

Lori Senecal is definitely one of the best people to look up to in the world of business and marketing because her specialties lie throughout all aspects of business. Her leadership can inspire any person in the world of creating business.

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