The Prowess of Vincent Parascandola in Business Consultancy

Mr. Vincent Parascandola plays the role of a financial advisor with the LLC and the Axa advisors, a firm that mostly deals with high-net worth individuals. Most of his operations and services are rendered outside New York.

Mr. Vincent Parascandola is from Brooklyn, New York, and he attended his high school classes at Xaverian High School. Vincent later joined the prestigious Pace University.

The main service offered by Axa, the firm that Vincent works with, is to help businesses, firms, companies, and families to take simple and manageable efforts to enhance their financial security. This has been the firm’s mission and goal since the year 1859.

Vincent believes that getting a perfect advice from a trusted financial consultant or professional can highly help people firms and companies in achieving their goals and preparing for drastic life changes as a result of having better financial decisions.

Vincent says that it does not matter if you choose Axa or any other financial consultancy firm, they should all have insights, research, strategies, and facts to help you work towards attaining your goals.

Vincent Parascandola was awarded the National Rookie of the year during his working time at the prudence, hence, him being motivated more by the award. He later decided to move to the life insurance company named MONY in the year 1990 where he was assigned several regional roles. He worked with the insurance company up to the year 2004 when he left and Joined Axa advisory team.

Vincent was born in the year 1914 at Alger to mother Blanchette Parascandola and father Vincent Parascondola. He was married to Mercedes Parascandola, and they had six children.

Parascandola has been widely recognized for his professional guidance in his career. Vincent is also a very highly-sought motivational speaker to audiences that comprise of businesspeople and other financial investors. He has spoken at many conferences attended by industry representatives and CEO’s such as the LIMRA’s conference of distribution. Vincent believes in the power of prior planning and inquiry before you start any financial venture. This is because one gets help to better their plans which leads to a fruitful outcome.