Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina Rejoins MarTech Advisor as a Guest Writer

Bob Reina is the CEO and brains behind Talk Fusion, a video marketing company. Reina recently joined the editorial team of MarTech Advisor as a writer. He also published a new article on the blog that outlines the greatest video advertising trends adopted by marketers in 2017. The article identifies the video techniques and styles that were adopted in 2016 and their influence on marketing strategies adopted this year.


Reina was excited to be featured by MarTech Advisor as a guest writer. He is passionate about sharing his insight and vision to the readers of the tech blog. According to him, the insights will help readers grow mentally by educating them on how to use videos as the main content of their marketing strategies. Besides MarTech Advisor, Bob Reina also writes for The Huffington Post as a contributor. His first piece for MarTech Advisor focused on how video marketing can enhance profits and customer engagement. It was published in 2016.


Reina’s Talk Fusion is known for transforming modern marketing endeavors by releasing the all-in-one video marketing solution. As CEO of the company, Reina identifies consumer trends, the growing popularity of videos, and market analysis. He uses this information to consult with IT professionals on how Talk Fusion can grow.


In the MarTech Advisor article, Reina tells his readers that video is the most valuable asset for an advertiser. He gives an example of how Talk Fusion’s first product was created. The product was known as Video Email and was launched in 2004. Reina believes that companies of all sizes can use videos in marketing due to the advent of digital platforms. He mentioned that his article was focused on sharing the main steps for executing video and why advertisers should use it.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a tech company that was founded in 2007 to help businesses to stand out from their competitors. The company’s video marketing solution has facilitated the increase in profits and sales in business. Talk Fusion gained national recognition after developing an all-in-one video marketing product. The product provides advertisers a dynamic method of making marketing more interactive and fun with video.