Avaaz, A Modern Voice For The People

Unlike any development throughout history, nothing has brought people together like the internet. It enables people all over the world to voice their concerns. They can share their stories to a global audience, regardless of their background. The activist organization Avaaz harnesses this power to unite these voices. In fact, their name originates from the word “voice,” across various languages. The diverse group operates in nearly 200 countries and 15 languages. By utilizing modern online activism strategies, they are successfully able to bring about positive change.

Avaaz’s strength comes from its members. Over 44 million of them. Since 2009, the group’s funding has derived solely from individual donations. Each year the leadership takes member suggestions and then conducts a poll to determine which campaigns to run. Whether fighting to end government corruption or working to clean up the environment, Avaaz members will do it. It can start as easily as viewing one of their powerful and informative YouTube videos. Members can then sign petitions, contact local leaders or spread the message via social media. After gaining enough support, members can get together to protest and march.

When world leaders met in 2014 to discuss climate change, Avaaz members stepped up to organize the People’s Climate Marches. These record-breaking marches helped to persuade leaders into shaping and passing the Paris Climate Accord. In Syria, Avaaz members continue an ongoing struggle to end the fighting while providing aid to those caught in the middle. When a natural disaster strikes, Avaaz members are some of the first to donate millions in funds and create supply lines for those affected by the destruction. Avaaz’s website lists hundreds of successful campaigns such as these. Avaaz proves that when people come together, the world can be changed for the better.

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