Cleansing Conditioners

Many people are turning to cleansing conditioners. Why, you ask? Because many people are discovering that there are harsh sulfate chemicals inside of most shampoo products. The more common sulfate is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is used to help lift the grease out of the hair. Another problem is that with color treated hair, harsh sulfates can make your hair color fade quicker, and then more money is spent in the salon getting color re-done. Some are turning to a very basic form of “no-poo shampooing” of baking soda or apple cider vinegar. Others have taken a different approach by creating “Cleansing Conditioners“.

Chaz Dean is one of those creators with his product Wen.Wen is created with 5 simple ingredients: Glycerin, Chamomile Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract and Panthenol. Washing your hair with these natural ingredients, the hair is cleansed without using sulfates that tend to strip the hair of natural oils.

This way, the hair is cleansed, stays moisturized, is more manageable and color lasts longer.Other companies are catching on to the trend and are creating their own lines of cleansing conditioners as well, such as L’oreal Paris, Pantene Pro-V and TRESemme. Try it out for yourself and see what cleansing conditioners can do for your hair.

Thor Havlorssen and the Human Rights Foundation

They say that all it takes for a person to become different is one traumatizing event in their life. Well, for Thor Havlorssen, a few events came together and shaped his path towards becoming the activist that he is for human rights. Thor is Venezuelan and Norwegian, he claims that he is a child of two nations but he loves the entire humanity. His father is the one that was of Norwegian descent while his mother was from Venezuela.

When he was a young boy, Mr Thor watched his father protesting about the plunder that was taking place at the Mendela Castle. He was arrested by the government and mistreated grossly. Then, even before the emotional wounds left by this event had healed, his mother was shot while taking part in peaceful demonstrations against the government of the place. What irked him most about the case was the fact that his mother and fellow protestors had not been breaking the law in any way, yet when the known shooters were arrested and charged in a court of law, they were sentenced to serve three years, of which they only did six months.

These are the events that made him realize that a lot was going wrong in the realm of social justice. He started his activism when he was young. He established his NGO, the Human Rights Foundation to deal with some of the serious cases of human rights violations. The annual event that is held by hi group is so massive that people call it the Davos Conference of human rights. He has gotten in trouble many times with the law and other groups for his efforts. For instance, there was a time he narrowly escaped arrest from Vietnam. He had gone to the cells to talk to victims of human rights violations. The situation was so bad that his camera man had to hide the footage of the entire ordeal in his person. Click here to know more.

Thor says that he is not a person that respects race or imagine that some are better than others. He claims that as long as a person is fighting the same course as he, he respects them.


Toronto Surgeon Cameron Clokie Ponders Transgenic Bone Treatment

Could adding a human gene to goat embryos lead to a bone replacement therapy for human reconstructive surgeries? Dr. Cameron Clokie, CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., thinks some day it will.

Dr. Clokie, who served as a Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto until he retired from academics in 2017, is one of Canada’s leading experts in regenerative medicine. This discipline looks into the possibility of replacing muscle and skeletal tissue in the human body after it has been lost to accidents, surgeries, congenital conditions, etc.

Currently, musculoskeletal reconstruction ususally involves replacing small amounts of missing tissue in one part of the body with tissue removed from another part of the same person. In some cases on, tissue can be used from the donations of cadavers, but this process is difficult.

In the 1950s, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Marshall Urist, working at UCLA, discovered bone morphogenetic protein (BMP). BMP, along with other proteins found in human bone, forms the matrix that human bones grow from within. Dr. Urist passed away in 2001, but before he did, Dr. Clokie worked with him for four years.

Dr. Cameron Clokie, who holds or has pending 25 U.S. and international patents, has studied how BMP can be used to help the human body replace its own lost bone. He pioneered a technique in which BMP is added to a gel with a putty-like consistency that’s a liquid at cold temperatures and a solid in warm temperatures. This matrix is then used with the patient’s own bone cells to grow a piece of replacement bone that the body can’t reject.

The difficulty is in obtaining enough BMP to get the technique to work. Because it is found in the body in such small amounts, and cadaver sources have not yet been federally approved for this use, Dr. Clokie and his associates have to find a more sustainable, safe, and legal source.

Here’s where transgenic techniques come in. Dr. Cameron Clokie is studying the possibility of generating BMP by inserting the human gene responsible for producing it into goat embryos. Goat embryos have previously been used to create goats whose milk produces spider silk, which is then used in medical and industrial purposes. Dr. Clokie thinks goat milk could some day give doctors enough BMP to replace bones for musculoskeletal reconstructive surgeries.

Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie – Hospital Information and Nearby Florists

Objections and Views from an Investment Specialist

Tim Armour supports Mr. Buffett’s​ commitment to low-cost investment and his approach to bottom-up investing. However, there are just a few things that he just doesn’t agree with when it comes to Mr. Buffett’s views.

Active Vs. Passive

The debate between active and passive investments can start a good argument. However, this argument does not serve the investors, but in part explains more about high management fees, excessive trading and poor long term returns.

Tim Armour goes on to state that passive index investments can sometimes be underestimated or unknown which holds them at a volatile risk. Index Investments are not about active or passive investments but more about delivering good long-term investments and keeping the returns at a low cost. It is important to challenge the notion that passive index returns are safe for investors. Index funds has a place in the investment market but they do not provide any cushion against when the market goes down.

Although there have been trillions of dollars that have went into passive investments, only a small percentage of the investors were surveyed, exposing losses during market downturns. Click here to know more.

Tim Armour

Tim is currently the chairman of Capital Group Companies and also an equity portfolio manager. He has over 32 years of experience in equity investments and global telecommunications. He started out as a participant in the Associates Program for Capital and has worked his way up.

He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Tim works alongside Robert Lovelace and

Philip de Toledo at Capital. Both are very talented in the field of investment banking and combined have over 60 years of experience. Rob has a bachelor’s degree in mineral economics and Philip has an economics degree also that he obtained at the University of California. As a team, they have learned how to successfully run and operate Capital Group Companies with precision.

Lori Senecal’s Interview With Insprery

Lori Senecal is one of the best people in the world of marketing and advertising. Her skill set throughout the world of innovative marketing has made her a credible source worldwide for her knowledge that is rooted as to where she is today in her work. She is the current Global Executive Chairman of the CP + B Corporation. In a recent interview she gave with Inspirery, she gives an in-depth look on her life and what inspired her to get into this.

She said that she developed a genuine interest in the world of business during her high school years. Because of her tall height, she decided to coach as a gymnast instead of compete. Through her intense coaching, she developed the right traits as a leader to get into business. She discovered that she learned how to speak and communicate with the gymnasts that she would train, and that is what helped move her forward. It’s a skill she uses every day.

She briefly spoke about how it’s not an overnight process to succeed, and that there is a time growth needed to be profitable in advertising. She said that it’s important to first land a client that is actually worth advertising and promoting. She built the brand, KBS, all because she wanted to profit from it, build successful marketing campaigns, and provide actual marketing for clients.

In an article on Huffingtonpost, one tip that she gave away that you could use in your own business is to understand your client. Aside from getting referrals as her clients, she finds that the best way to land a client is to research and know everything about the potential client. It’s about understanding their current struggles and where they are in business to determine how fay they can go. You can use this trick in the world of any business before you decide to work with a specific company.

Lori Senecal is definitely one of the best people to look up to in the world of business and marketing because her specialties lie throughout all aspects of business. Her leadership can inspire any person in the world of creating business.

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Eric Lefkofsky Takes Another Step for Medicine

The co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, has recently been featured in the news everywhere because of his bold idea of utilizing the information gathered at his company to combat breast cancer, through a partnership with the University of Chicago and their researchers.

Tempus is a company that develops technological equipment and systems that have taken the frontline of the battle against cancer for themselves. They call it “data-driven cancer treatment,” and is an excellent idea, utilizing real data that is found in hundreds of patients and laboratory animals with the disease, and use this information to gather patterns and possible treatments. They do it utilizing a method that they call “sequencing:” Using genomic and transcriptomic sequencing, the scientists of Tempus can learn more about the health issue and find out more on what causes a significant effect on it.

The CEO, Eric Lefkofsky, was also the co-founder of a company called Lightbank and another one called Groupon, a worldly known e-commerce website that is used across many countries.

The campaign to fight breast cancer with the University is great news for the nation’s medicine advances. With the specialists of the University that have been studying the tumor for years now and the technology provided by Tempus, they will inevitably reach a better understanding of how the disease works and what can impact it.

Eric Lefkofsky announced that his team plans to help make specialized treatments through this process. Why is this important: Not every patient responds to the treatments the same way. Click here to know more.

Tempus has information on over 1,000 patients that were diagnosed with breast cancer before. The length of the data that the company can gather from each patient is so large that it is unlikely that scientists won’t be able to find patterns that they did not know before.

Doctor and Professor OlufunmilayoOlopade, from the University of Chicago, spoke about how breast cancer is a common disease but has little data on patients that had the disease. They could certainly use more information to further the researches against the tumor.

Without specific genetic information about each patient and past patients that had similar conditions, scientists can’t proceed with the treatments with 100% certainty that they will respond to it in a positive way.

Dog Food Products You Get At Beneful That Keep Your Dog Healthy and Strong

Beneful provides products that offer the best ingredients to ensure that your dog is nourished both inside and outside in appearance. You get vitamin rich veggies and real meats ensuring that your dog has a meal that is 100% balanced.

  1. Beneful wet dog food

Beneful makes the product with wholesome ingredients available in various delicious flavors that you pet dog will love. Beneful wet dog food provides for variety in the form of chicken, lamb, and beef. Textures are thin-diced Chopped Blends, Hearty Roasters, or Big Hearty Chunks. Beneful product provides accents such as barley, rice, carrots, and green beans. The package for this product is in convenient 30OZ or 100OZ.

  1. Beneful Brand Baked Delights

This Beneful dog food brand is oven baked and lovingly crafted. Your dog will always enjoy discovering pleasant textures and tastes. Most dogs’ favorite flavors include beef, cheese, bacon, and peanut butter. Naturally, these are included in the product. Additionally, the textures are assorted; they include air crackers, shortbread cookies and crispy.

These are available in:

  • Beneful Dog Snacks Stars, Baked Delights and short bread cookie snacks made from cheese and bacon.
  • Beneful Dog Snacks Stars, Baked Delights, and these short bread cookie snacks are made from cheese and chicken.
  • Beneful brand Dog Snacks Hugs™, Baked Delights®- savory centers made with cheese and beef.
  • Beneful brand Dog Snacks Snackers™, Baked Delights®- these are over baked with savory centers that have cheese flavors mixed with peanut butter.
  • Beneful brand Baked Delights® Dog Snacks Quacks®- these are made from snack crackers with hickory smoke flavors and cheese.
  1. BenefulIncrediBites

This Beneful product is made using real beef dog food and prepared to meet nutritional levels needed by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile.


  • Beef
  • Whole grain corn
  • Chicken by product meal
  • Barley
  • Whole grain wheat
  • Soybean meal
  • Turkey by-product meal
  • Also included are minerals and vitamins to keep your dog healthy.
  1. Beneful Playful Life

This product provides for the good health of your skin and ensures that favorite pet has some happy and healthy fun by providing extra protein. The ingredients include the following.

  • Ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, chicken by product, animal fat, animal fat, beef, rice flour, soy floor, egg products sugar meat, oat meal, and bone meal.
  • Additionally, there are a variety of vitamins and minerals that keep your pet looking healthy and well nourished.With Beneful dog products, you are assured that your favorite pet is happy, healthy, and strong.

An Institute of Opportunity

For those unaware, Wessex Institute of technology is an institution of higher learning. Surrounded by beautiful forestry, people from all around the world attend this educational powerhouse in hopes of attaining a successful career. In many ways, it is the “Israel” of the scientific community. In fact, there are several attendees who only attend as they wish to potentially work with Wessex Institute of Technology. As one might imagine, the Wessex Institute of Technology offers thousands of employment opportunities, with several tailored to the scientific community.

In particular, Wessex offers jobs in the Administrative, Finance, Fundraising, Hospitality, Human Resource, IT, Senior Management and so forth. In the Administrative sector alone, Wessex has over 780 openings. Thus, graduates at Wessex Institute of Technology do not need to worry about a lack of job opportunity. In fact, it is the complete opposite. There are hundreds of opportunities waiting for those who qualify.

To learn more about Wessex click here.

Milestone Business Deals and Philanthropy Donations Made By Bruce Levenson

In 2015, the Atlanta Hawks franchise became the property of American hedge fund billionaire, Antony Ressler. The insider sources leaked that Mr. Ressler and his advisors had settled for a buyout at a price of $850M, according to USA Sports Today. Those details later got confirmed in separate press conferences issued by the representatives of both Ressler’s firm and the outgoing management team headed by Bruce Levenson, also a billionaire entrepreneur.

Philips Arena Operating Rights

The multi-million dollar deal effectively ended the tenure of Mr. Bruce Levenson and his co-partners being in charge of the Philips Arena, the home of the Atlanta Hawks. The trio started running the stadium back in 2004. Since then, the investors have also let go of another investment they acquired in 2004: The NHL Atlanta Thrashers. The new ownership was under a lot of pressure to keep up the glory and impressive winning ways of the NBA top flight team. And, judging by the team’s performance over the last two years, the move was indeed a plus for all the stakeholders involved. The fans couldn’t be happier, the investors are pleased.

Introducing Bruce Levenson

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a lawyer by profession having attained a first-class honors law degree from the American University. He worked with Ed Peskowitz on their basement while creating his first business, UCG. UCG was a publishing company which released a regular newsletter focused on the lucrative but risky oil business. The newsletter, Oil Express, gained a loyal fan base and soon, UCG, was able to take over most, if not all, of the competing newsletters. Today, the company is a global business brand having a remarkably diversified portfolio touching on everything from technology, energy, mortgage banking to health care investments. The newsletter, Oil Express, made it possible for the duo, Bruce, and Ed Peskowitz, to secure spots on the prestigious Software and Information Industry Association Hall of Fame record book.

Donations and Foundations

Mr. Levenson has remained passionate about supporting Jewish causes and movements. In his home state of Washington D.C, he’s been heavily involved with organizations working to offer Jewish kids from poor backgrounds with decent, if not quality education. Some of the charity organizations he regularly partners up with include the I Have A Dream Foundation, the Hoop Dreams Foundation, and the Community Foundation. Asides being involved with sending the bright children to the best universities in the world, Mr. Levenson also contributes to the Bring the Lessons Home Program. This program runs at the U.S Holocaust Museum and it is intended to enlighten Jews and other people about what took place during the Holocaust. Read moreon

The Traveling Vineyard Offers Abundant Wine Selections

The Traveling Vineyard has become one of the most popular companies for people that are interested in working on their own. People that decide to become employees for Traveling Vineyard are actually their own independent wine consultants.

They have the ability to sell wines in their own cities and reach out to other neighboring cities and even develop their own teams. This is why many people have become fans of the Traveling Vineyard business model. This is a company that allows people to earn money in the comfort of their own home as they learn about different wines and how they can build a client base. There is even help from wine consultants that have been in the business for a while. The experienced wine consultant has the ability to help a new consultants build a customer base and show them the world wine pairing and wine hosting parties. Traveling Vineyard is where many consultants make sales for wine connoisseurs that are looking for exclusive Traveling Vineyard wine selections.

This is a very profitable industry for anyone that is able to find the time to have a hosting party. This is one of the centerpieces of the business model. Wine hosting parties are thrown by participants that are interested in getting the chance to sample wines. The consultants will bring the wines to the home and it allows potential consumers to taste wines that they may be interested in purchasing.

Many moms have adopted this model of selling wines as consultants, and they find that the Harvest Conference by the Traveling Vineyard is a perfect opportunity to learn even more tips for building their business. The Harvest Conference is also a time where these consultants get the chance to share ideas for others that are in the business of selling wine.

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