Benefits of Shea Butter For Regular Everyday Use

Shea Butter has many benefits for the skin. What most people do not know is that it also has wonderful benefits for protecting, restoring, and moisturizing the hair. Shea butter is an emollient that is made from the nut of African Shea trees. When used for hair care, Shea butter acts a moisturizer for your scalp. It contains many vitamins including Vitamin E, which helps decrease dryness of the scalp. It holds antioxidants that promote blood flow, which stimulates hair growth. It also has anti-inflammatory capabilities that protect the scalp from bacteria and skin conditions, and can block sun and heat damage from styling tools. Shea butter is easy to use. You can mix it with coconut oil, honey, grape seed oil and more and apply it to your damp hair. Shea butter will help you moisturize, detangle, prevent damage from heat, and treat itchy, dry, or irritated skin.

A top of the line company to purchase shea butter from is Eu’Genia Shea. The company not only sells an excellent product, but it also promotes and supports female enterprise. The company has been referred to a “A Girl Power Operation all the way through,” by the New York Times. Founder Naa Sakle Akuete started the company with her mother. The company collaborates with 700 women that have formed cooperatives in her family’s native home, Ghana. Eu’Genia pays the women above average wages and provides excellent job training. Also, a portion of the company’s profits is funneled back to the cooperatives for humanitarian purposes, such as funding the education of the women’s children.

Eu’Genia Shea sells superior products as compared to others on the market. Eu’Genia Shea contains 95% Shea content. This is far more than most other products on the market, which generally contain 25% or less. With such a high content, this product will yield many more of the benefits of Shea for your hair and skin. You can purchase Eu’Genia Shea butter in many different fragrances. There is sure to be a fragrance suitable for all.

Benefits of purchasing this product reach beyond your hair and skin; it touches lives.

OSI Group Going Global

OSI Group is the leading global supplier of value-added food products to the world food retail brands. With its broad operational base since its inception, OSI has become one of the largest privately owned companies in the United States and paving its way to the United Kingdom. Their food safety and assurance policy has made the company go global serving more than 15 countries. OSI Group adds value to food products and then supplies it to different parts of the world. Other than this, OSI Group has a global food supply chain management enabling clients to serve their customers efficiently from any corner of the world.

In recognition of their commendable job, OSI Group won the Globe of Honour awarded by the British Safety Council. The Award which was presented at a luncheon at Drapers Hall in London requires a company to depict a high level of environmental management from the walls, floors, and even in the facilities used. OSI Group satisfied the panel with their recommendable audit scheme that shown how the Group had been able to maintain excellent environmental conditions on in the workspace making it among other 18 companies worldwide that received the award.

OSI Group has been in operation for more than 100 years with each year bringing more success to the enterprise. OSI Group has the highest number of hires each year with a total number of 20,000 employees with the best working conditions that allow individuals to bring out their innovations in the production of quality and suitable food products. With the current number of staff and quality products, OSI Group ensures support to their clients’ global operations with responsiveness and consistency that would put them on the top list of their customers.

Recently, OSI group has acquired flagship Europe on LinkedIn, a national food service product supplier around U.K. Flagship Europe deals with frozen poultry, mayonnaise, Oliver James pies, sous vide equipment and sauce supplies. The Flagship Europe manager termed the acquisition as a great move which will bring more resource and experience which will in return make the company go global and attain new clients thanks to OSI Group.

Earlier, OSI group had settled another acquisition deal with former Tyson food plant in Chicago. OSI group offered $7.4 million to the management in return for the plant which OSI Group promised to reconstruct and remold it in alignment to the set international standards of a food processing facility.


Lori Senecal Performs remarkably as the Global Chief Executive of Crispin Porter and Bogusky

Lori Senecal is the Global Chief Executive of the advertising agency Crispin Porter and Bogusky. She was previously the president and the CEO of the MDC Partner Network. At her role in MDC, she was responsible for driving their strategic vision, taking deeper the firm’s excellent model, as well as working with their partner agencies to seek cross collaboration and fuel growth. At CP+B Lori Senecal has been handed the role of overseeing the company’s global growth and expansion. She manages the coordination of CP+B’s nine international offices and is focused on the continued global development of the firm.

Lori Senecal has brought on board the management of CP+B incredible leadership skills. She has made a profound impact on the business as well as the culture of CP+B in her so far short service. Lori has created a modern global agency which is agile, highly inventive, and collaborative. This has offered the organization a consistent international presence based on sturdy local market flair. With her remarkable focus on talent, complimented by her extraordinary leadership, Lori Senecal has fueled CP+B’s growth across all disciplines and places. Recently CP+B was recognized by Advertising Age among the Creativity Innovators of the Year.

Lori Senecal has also served as the Global Chairman and CEO of KBS+. Under the Leadership of Lori Senecal, KBS+ grew from a 250- person local agency to become a worldwide organization with over 900 members. KBS+ was also recognized as one of the best places to work in New York City by Crain’s and has been on Ad Age’s list of Standout Agencies for three years in a row.

Ms. Senecal’s appointment came after CP+B won the worldwide Infiniti account. According to Chuck Porter, Chairman of CP+B, Lori Senecal is passionate and understands the agency. Chuck said that Lori is good at what he is not good at, making her a perfect complement in the management of the firm. She will be resigning from her role as the global executive chairman at KBS, which is an affiliate of CP+B, however so, Lori Senecal will maintain her role at MDC Partner Network as President and CEO.

VTA Publications Are Given Away Real Secrets To Wealth

Jim Hunt is the proud CEO & Founder of VTA Publications which is a highly popular wealth building course. One smart financial step at a time can change your future. You can live the lifestyle just like many Fortune 500 entrepreneurs. You choose the course and how you earn money with VTA Publications. Hunt agrees that many people fail to live out their dreams because of negative people. They’ll tell you that you don’t have the time and the resources, but you can do what you want you want if you surround yourself with positive people. People that are positive will help finance, empower, and possibly pioneer your dreams. Take that first step and live the lifestyle that you deserve.

Hunt believes that starting your own business leads to confidence and financial freedom. It takes cash flow to live out your dreams and the best way to do so is by having the courage to find real money making solutions. VTA Publications has an online course that really works. You can get the secrets to biblical wealth that will give you 100 fold of your investment returned. Best of all, you’re investing in a course that allows you to learn while you earn. VTA Publications offers tuition assistance to any individual that may have a difficult time financing their future. You get interactive tutorials and cds that will guide you along the way. You also have access to live assistance whenever you need it.

Now is time to take your future in your hands. You can live a lifestyle that will allow you to say goodbye to your boss and become a successful entrepreneur. It is very simple for people to earn money from pulling in or out of a deal in the stock market, but VTA Publications teaches you how to earn money from the fluctuations of the stock market. In fact, earn money from a stock market that has falling stocks and earn real money to purchase a new home, buy a boat, or save money. Visit VTA Publications for more details on how to earn.  Jim Hunt’s personal YouTube is where you can find more videos, like the informative one above.

Michael Zomber Has Led an Interesting Life

Michael Zomber can definitely not be accused of leading a boring life. He has been able to accomplish a lot after starting with nothing. He is a person who has been able to achieve his dreams by living life on his own terms. This has made him an inspiration to countless people. He has also become a very generous person. He loves to give back and help people who are less fortunate than he is. Zomber regularly donates money to a wide variety of charitable causes that he believes in. He is constantly looking for worthy causes to contribute to.

One of the first things that Zomber did after finishing college was to write a screenplay for a documentary about samurais. He had always been very interested in this subject and found the project to be very rewarding overall. He immersed himself into the world of a samurai during the entire production. He found that he had a much better understanding for the difficult lives that these men led after the film was created. The film was released and achieved a fair amount of success. There were many positive reviews written about it. He briefly contemplated doing a second documentary on the same subject. However, he ultimately decided that he would not be able to improve on the first one that he did.

Making the samurai documentary also made Zomber want to explore other aspects of their history. He started to collect the swords that they used. He amassed quite a few of them over the years. Various Japanese historical museums have asked Michael Zomber to display some of his samurai sword collection. He has agreed to do this on several occasions. He wants other people to enjoy his collection just as much as he does. He has even agreed to give lectures and answer questions about the swords. He gives these lectures at museums and colleges. He discovered that many people have the same passion for samurai history and culture that he does. This has made many people interested in following his career and watching the documentary that he wrote and produced.

Kevin Seawright is Bringing Stability Back to Baltimore

Kevin Seawright recently appeared on the Larry Young Morning Show to announce that he and RPS Solutions LLC are starting a join initiative to begin building new homes in Baltimore. While the United States economy has been steadily recovering since the 2008 financial crisis, home ownership has continued to be a major issue that hasn’t quite fixed itself yet. In an effort to address the issue and provide people with an affordable alternative to traditional real estate markets, Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC have begun working on a housing model that is significantly cheaper.

While providing people with new housing options is certainly admirable on its own, there is an additional benefit that Kevin Seawright hopes these homes will address: stability. Explaining himself on the Larry Young Morning Show, Seawright said that he believed affordable housing would provide stability to neighborhoods that have been beset by a number of issues over the past several years.

According to CrunchBase, Kevin Seawright is the founder of RPS Solutions LLC and has lived in Baltimore, Maryland as a project management professional. As a part of his career, Kevin Seawright has worked in a number of different sectors across many cities in the United States. Of course, his passion has always been and will always be Baltimore.

It is because of this wide array of experience that Kevin Seawright is able to pinpoint exactly what needs to change for a community to achieve stability. After working for over 13 years in both the commercial and government sectors, Kevin Seawright understands the specifics of proper project integration and development and is an incredibly useful resource for building projects in the Baltimore area. By working with RPS Solutions LLC, it’s clear that this partnership will have a tremendous impact on Baltimore’s neighborhoods.

The DeVos Family is Very Generous for a Reason

There is a reason why the DeVos family is very generous with their donations. Whatever the reason is, I appreciate people that are always so giving with what they have. I understand that people who give are giving with a purpose. They want to see a certain outcome and some results so that they can know that they have given to the right cause. With the amount of giving that the DeVos family participates in, they have earned a lot of social clout in their home of West Michigan. They are very passionate about sharing their money with organizations that are working to bring forth positive changes.

Dick DeVos and his family seeks to influence people not with the luxuries that they own, but with everything they give, They have actually given a total of $1.2 billion in their lifetime. While the amount given is impressive, I do believe that it is the fact that they are willing to give that is even more impressive. I believe a generous giver is someone who would give the shirt of his back if the time came to it. I myself am working on that. They definitely provide a good example of what it means to be generous.

The generosity of the DeVos family is what takes them very far in their careers in my opinion. They have ran plenty of different organizations and owned plenty of franchises. They come from a family of businessmen and entrepreneurs. Dick DeVos himself has branched out into other ventures which included political activities in which he ran for office. He and his wife run a charity organization in which they accept donations and provide funds for faith based organizations. For one thing, their faith has brought out compassion in them and has inspired them to be generous.

Keep A Good Reputation With Search Cleanup

Keeping a good reputation is essential in this internet minded world. The tricky thing is, this is harder than ever to do. With more and more people having access to the internet, businesses have been thriving, with more and more people being able to find your business with a quick search on the internet. But what people don’t stop to think about it, that not only can people find your business website, but any negative reviews that people have placed about you. Services like those offered at can clean up negative articles about your business, should still keep these things in mind.

Picking up the first spot or so on a search engine isn’t enough, contrary to popular belief. It’s actually important to take up the first page of results, in order to have a positive view of your business portrayed to the General Public. This is all a part of reputation management, which now companies need to begin as soon as they launched, if not before. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention works better than a pound of fixing things.

Many people are afraid to reach out and get help when it comes to managing the reputation of their business. Many business owners throw in the towel when they get a bad review or two, thinking that the end of the world has befallen them. With a reputation management company, this couldn’t be further from the truth. However, if these bad reviews and negative images surrounding your business stay to fester, the walls that you have built up around your business may begin to crumble.

Reaching out to get help is ok, more than okay. Hiring a service to clean up negative news online, as offered at is not a dishonest business practice. It’s just a way to protect the well-being of you and your company. There is no reason to feel bad for reaching out for help, and once you realize how many businesses use services like this, you’ll wonder why you didn’t implement these things from the very beginning.

You can’t change the past. But with a reputation management service, you can control your future. Follow Search Cleanup on Twitter @search_cleaunup to learn more.

New York Real Estate Gets Hotter and Hotter

Is New York still “The Big Apple”? Does Manhattan still have the panache that inspired the lyric, “If i can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”? From the signs in the luxury real estate market, which is now benefitting from an influx of foreign investment dollars, the answer seems to be a resounding yes. Right now New York is looking bright, shiny and very stable, in contrast to the shakiness enveloping Europe in the wake of the recent “Brexit” vote and concerns over the ongoing migrant crisis.

Europe’s ongoing crisis as far as its ability to keep the European Union together is making real estate investors wary. With Britain now looking to leave the EU, the situation looks even shakier still. Investors who want to get a good return on their money are now looking to New York’s luxury real estate market as a much more stable place to put their investments.

How has New York ended up looking so good? The fact is that New York has a long track record of bouncing back after economic downturns. The job market here is flourishing, and New York is also benefiting from the revitalization of many of the neighborhoods here that were once shabby. The ongoing gentrification of New York has made it a place that is highly attractive to investors, and that trend looks to be ongoing.

Given all of this, it’s clear that real estate professionals here with solid market know-how will continue to be in high demand. One of the firms that’s on the top of the list is TOWN Residential. TOWN started out in 2010 and since then it’s made a name for itself as a firm that offers skill and a high level of client service. Investors who want to find quality properties at the best prices keep coming back to TOWN.

Is it time to get serious about investing in quality New York real estate? If so, then it’s time to call the professionals at TOWN.  To see their NYC apartments for sale, check out